Why We Love Mid Century Modern

by Nicole Hodsdon

Why We Love Mid Century Modern

Welcome back to the second article in our series on Mid Century Modernism.  In the first article, we explored how Mid Century design got it’s start and defined some of it’s guiding principles.  If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out here: What is Mid Century Modern.  Next week, we'll provide some tips for adding some Mid Century style to your home.  Today, we’re going to share why we love Mid Century Modern design with some of the reasons why it inspires us every day.  

As we learned last week, Mid Century design has been around for quite a while.  Most of the time, styles are cyclical with trends coming and going as the newest shiny object grabs our attention.  The strange thing about Mid Century design is that it’s never really gone away.  It’s had it’s ebbs and flows, certainly, but since it’s birth in the 1940s we’ve seen Mid Century elements incorporated into our living spaces quite consistently.  Why do we love it so much?  

Nature: The Foundational Element


Photo: Mosaikdesign.com


Nature’s calming influence permeates Mid Century design to it’s core.  Large windows and sliding glass doors connect the indoors with the outdoors making it easy to enjoy nature right from your living room.  Just like Mid Century design, simplicity and color are foundational elements in nature, too.  Next time you’re in awe of a landscape, step back and appreciate the shapes and colors that bring it all together.  Why we love nature: Nature’s clean lines, simple shapes, and bold colors are the perfect inspiration for a cohesive Mid Century room.


Simplicity: Focus on Function


Photo: Caterpillar House


Looking at the clean lines and simple shapes of Mid Century architecture and furniture, you can see that 'less is more’ is a guiding principle.  When the ornate embellishments and excess stuff are stripped away, function becomes the focus of attention.  Why we love simplicity: In a busy world with so many things constantly trying to get our attention, a simple, functional room with clean, geometric furniture can be an oasis.


Color: Let’s Have Some Fun


Photo: Nestmodern.com


Simple, clean shapes are super functional, yet they do lack interest.  I mean, I love me a clean-lined mid century credenza, but a room full of simple geometric shapes leaves me wanting a bit more.  This is precisely where color comes in - to add a very necessary layer of interest to the room.  In the beginning of the Mid Century era, bright, cheerful colors communicated a fun, optimistic feel which was a welcome change after the Second World War.  Why we love color: It’s usually that bright, cheerful, colorful element in a room that instigates a joyful smile.

Mid Century Modern design has been a part of our interior designs for well over half a century and it’s showing little sign of going away anytime soon.  The connection to nature, clean lines, and bold colors are now timeless design elements.  Be sure to check out the last part of this series: our tips for adding some Mid Century style to your home.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon