9 Gifts for the Modernist Host(ess)

by Nicole Hodsdon

9 Gifts for the Modernist Host(ess)

Can you smell that?  It’s the delicious aroma of bread pudding, mulled wine, and chestnuts roasting over an open fire.  All of that wonderfulness only means one thing - the holidays are approaching!  Aren’t you excited for all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas parties on your calendar?  I for one am looking forward to all of the delicious food and drinks and the festively decorated homes.  Part of the fun for me when getting ready for the holiday season is hunting for the perfect host or hostess gifts.  The least I can do is arrive at a party with a delightful gift in tow that says “thank you very much!” long after the dishes are clean and the party winds down.  It’s easy to assume that a modern design fan with a clutter-free home wouldn’t want more things, but these nine gifts are sure to delight all but the most stringent minimalist.


Just Add Cheese Set
Just Add Cheese Set by Brooklyn Slate

Your dinner party host(ess) is going to love these cheese accoutrements.  The set includes a fabulous slate cheese board, crackers, jam, honey, and Brooklyn Slate’s Cheese Survival Guide with all of their best tips on tasting, serving, and storing cheese.  All they have to do is add their favorite cheeses and they’re good to go!


Host by W&P Design

There are so many great ideas in Host that your favorite host(ess) won’t be able to wait to invite you over again.  The book includes both food and drink recipes that are unique yet approachable, and the advice for creating memorable get togethers is spot on.

 Ray iPad Stand

Ray iPad Stand by Ciseal

Make sure your favorite home cook has the perfect view of their recipe by giving them a Ray iPad stand.  This clean and modern form-follows-function stand holds an iPad or cookbook at just the right angle so no ingredient or step is missed.


Bauhaus 500 Piece Puzzle
Bauhaus 500 Piece Puzzle by Dovetail

The Bauhaus was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century and this puzzle will make any modernist-loving host or hostess’ eyes light up.  After the stress of a dinner party, they’ll relish in the chance to unplug, relax, and put this puzzle together.


Rocks Cup
Rocks Cup by Pewabic Pottery

The handmade movement is going strong, and the hand wheel thrown Rocks Cup is sure to become a favorite for its one-of-a-kind charm.  These cups are perfect for testing new cocktail recipes or tried-and-true favorites.


Curly Fry Ornament by Epiphany Glass
Curly Fry Ornament by Epiphany Glass

You can’t go wrong with Christmas ornaments - especially when they’re this gorgeous! The modern, whimsical shapes of these ornaments are completely unique because they’re made by hand.  


Utilita Bowls
Utilita Bowls by J Schatz

These straight-sided bowls are simple in form, but that pop of color on the inside makes them a modernist’s go-to for everything. They are great for literally everything in the kitchen - prep work, baking, Cookie Crisp indulgences, etc.


Skinny laMinx Tea Towels
Skinny laMinx Tea Towels by Heath Ceramics

One can never have too many tea towels.  They’re used for just about everything in the kitchen.  These modern, eye catching patterns add a retro vibe that modernist hosts and hostesses love.


Geometric Concrete Planters
Geometric Concrete Planters by Mona Does Concrete

Plants add life to a room, and they’re especially appreciated in the cold winter months.  These tabletop planters come in fun geometric shapes, and they are small enough to go anywhere.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon