Ciseal's Core Values


Bent plywood is my craft, but as a person, I'm always learning, growing, and evolving.  Ciseal is about how we layer the trappings of life in a way that uniquely speaks to our soul.  It’s a way of life, a mindset that focuses our attention on finding and embracing all of the layers that matter so that we are free to take our pleasure seriously.

We embrace modernism.
We don’t follow the crowd without careful contemplation.
We consider curiosity a responsibility.  
We embrace change.  
We pursue truth.  
We take no pride in being right.
We practice minimalism.  
We remove distraction so that we can experience the pleasure of simplicity.
We appreciate when form follows function in a beautiful way.
We are fascinated by a soulful attention to detail.
We discover what matters uniquely to us, and pursue those things with the utmost joy.
We are free from the clutter of endless options because we have found our focus.
We support ethical production.
We believe that the pursuit of more things, bigger things, and cheaper things leaves both the consumer and planet empty things.
We make things the right way - even when it’s the hard way.
We know that slow furniture is always worth the wait.
We believe that fair compensation is a fundamental ingredient in a beloved product.
We think that an obsession with craftsmanship and quality is perfectly healthy.
We understand that beautiful, meaningful, timeless designs require high quality materials and production methods.
We envision that there is a future for American luxury and American quality.
We buy for keeps.
We are each the designers of our own lives.  
We know that purposeful creation requires mindful curation.
We believe that our environment reflects who we are and influences what we do. 
We create joy instead of waiting for it.
We curate homes that are as unique as we are.
We are inspired by our homes to live life to its absolute fullest.
What does your home inspire?