10 of Our Favorite Mid Mod-Inspired Christmas Gifts

by Nicole Hodsdon

10 of Our Favorite Mid Mod Christmas Gifts

Giving a gift for someone's home can be tricky.  You really have to know the person and their style.  Fortunately, it's easy to spot a Midcentury Modernist.  Their home is a carefully curated collection of functional pieces with clean lines, warm woods, shiny metals, and pops of bright colors.  If you have a Midcentury Modernist on your list, here are 10 of our favorite gifts to give (and receive!):


Making Midcentury Modern by Christopher Kennedy

Making Midcentury Modern

I love giving an receiving books as gifts - especially beautiful books that inspire me to change things up a bit and try new things.  Making Midcentury Modern is a gorgeous book filled with beautifully styled Midcentury inspiration.  It’s perfect for the Midcentury fan who doesn’t exactly live in their Midcentury dream home yet, but who loves to add some Midcentury style to their home anyway.  The ideas in the book are fresh with a thoroughly modern take on Midcentury's design principles.


Travel Posters by Charley Harper for the National Park Service

Charley Harper Print

A great graphic print with bright colors and geometric shapes add a midcentury twist to a gallery wall or stand-alone as a statement piece.  These travel posters for the National Park Service by the famed illustrator Charley Harper are geometric, bright, and incredibly detailed.  These posters are the last of the original stock, so they will sell out!


Coasters by Ciseal

Coasters by Ciseal

If your Midcentury modern giftee takes good care of their well-curated furniture, they’re going to want some classy coasters to protect their fantastic furniture finds.  This set of four coasters adds a classic Mod bent plywood flair to any room - Midcentury or not.  


Wake Mug by Samantha Nichols

Wake Mug

Who doesn’t look forward to a deliberately slow morning?  Slowly sipping on coffee or tea, reading a much loved book, snuggling with the dog…there’s nothing better.  Mid-Century style is keen on intentional, simple, beautifully restrained home goods, and this mug exhibits those qualities perfectly.  It’s the one they’re going to reach for on those easy Sunday mornings.


Starburst Clock by George Nelson for Vitra

Starburst Clock

George Nelson’s famous starburst clock designs are a welcome addition to any Mid Century space.  Not only are they practical, but the bright colors, earthy wood tones, shiny metals, and geometric shapes add that fun Midcentury vibe to any room.


Pineapple Cocktail Shaker by W+P Design

Pineapple Cocktail Shaker

Midcentury style and cocktails are a match made in heaven.  The Mod bar isn’t complete until it has a signature cocktail shaker, and this pineapple shaker by W+P Design is where it’s at.  It’s a smart and stylish addition to the home bartender’s tool kit.


Graphic Print Throw Pillows by Alexander Girard for Vitra

Graphic Print Pillow

Midcentury style thrives on a mix of patterns and textures.  Add that comfortable, chic, and eclectic vibe with one or more of these pillows with Alexander Girard’s bright and graphic designs.  


Quilt by Haptic Lab

Great Lakes Quilt

Winter nights require a cozy bright throw to warm up with a snuggle.  This throw by Haptic Lab is the perfect gift for those Great Lakes Midcentury Modern fans.   


Traverse Table Lamp by Ciseal

Traverse Table Lamp

Brighten their decor with a mid-century style table lamp.  This distinctly Midcentury tripod table lamp adds an extra glow to any corner of the home.


The Runwell Turntable by Shinola

Runwell Turntable

You can’t get much more Midcentury than an evening listening to records.  This modern turntable by Shinola adds a bit of sleek style with the classic combo of wood and metal.  Add a couple of favorite albums and you have everything needed to create a cozy, relaxing evening.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon