Perfect Pairs: Our Favorite Mid Century & Ciseal Combinations

by Nicole Hodsdon

Perfect Pairs: Our Favorite Mid Century & Ciseal Combinations

Here at Ciseal, we are constantly inspired by Mid Century design.  Each product we design and make has a Midcentury bent to it because we’re huge fans of the clean lines, natural materials, and useful elegance of so many of the classic Midcentury designs.  The best part is when we hear from customers that they’re going to pair one of our products with one of their cherished mid century pieces.  Here are some combos our customers have created that perfectly pair Ciseal products with classic Mid Mod pieces.


Ray iPad Stand & Nelson Swag Leg Desk 

Ray iPad Stand & Nelson Desk

Nelson Swag Leg Desk Photo by DWR

From the elegant swag legs up to the colorful dividers, the Nelson Swag Leg Desk is the perfect pair for the elegantly functional Ray iPad Stand.  We don’t blame you if your Ray takes up permanent residence on this classic mid century desk.  Learn more about the Ray iPad Stand in our shop.


Aspen Magazine Rack & Noguchi Table

Aspen Magazine Rack & Noguchi Table

Noguchi Table Photo by DWR

It’s so iconic that it’s almost too popular for it’s own good, but we can’t help but be in awe of the simple elegance of the Noguchi Table.  Add the Aspen Magazine rack to keep that glass surface free from clutter and you’ve got yourself a perfect pairing.  Learn more about the Aspen Magazine Rack in our shop.


Mission Firewood Holder & Wegner Shell Chair

Mission Firewood Holder & Shell Chair

Wagner Shell Chair Photo by DWR

The Wegner Shell Chair is sometimes called the “smile chair” for good reason - it certainly brings a smile to our bent ply obsessed faces whenever we see one.  Our perfect pairing to this iconic chair is the Mission Firewood Holder which echoes the chair’s lightness, grace, and elegance.  Learn more about the Mission Firewood Holder in our shop.


Traverse Table Lamp & Finn Juhl Credenza

Traverse Table Lamp & Finn Juhl Credenza

Finn Juhl Credenza Photo by DWR

What Midcentury fan doesn’t love a pop of color?  The Finn Juhl Credenza is one of our favorites precisely because it embraces all of the basic principles of mid century design: Clean lines, form follows function, natural materials, and just enough color to bring a smile to your face.  Pair it with our Traverse Table Lamp for a perfect pairing of functional beauty.  Learn more about the Traverse Table Lamp in our shop.


Michigan Left Table Lamp & Womb Chair

MI Left Table Lamp & Womb Chair

Womb Chair Photo by DWR

The Womb Chair’s enveloping form makes it one of the most perfect chairs to curl up in to peacefully read a book.  Pair it with our Michigan Left Table Lamp to provide a warm light to those pages and you have yourself a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  Learn more about the Michigan Left Table Lamp in our shop.


Tahquamenon Stool & Mid Century Desk Wall Unit

Tahquamenon Stool & Wall Unit

Wall Unit Photo by Old Brand New

Mid Century wall units are famed for their efficient use of space and endless configuration possibilities.  The warm woods and clean lines bring a timeless elegance to what’s otherwise a fairly utilitarian purpose.  Our Tahquamenon Stool is the perfect unobtrusive seat for when you need to sit down and go through the mail.  Learn more about the Tahquamenon Stool in our shop.


Interlochen Stool & Eames Lounge Chair

Interlochen Stool & Eames Lounge Chair

Eames Lounge Chair Photo by CCI Renovations

Who doesn’t love themselves an Eames Lounge Chair?  It’s iconic, gorgeous, and comfortable - a combo that’s not easy to achieve.  The lovely curves of the Interlochen stool perfectly play off of the leather and molded plywood combo of the Eames lounge chair.  Locate it near the entry for a useful seat to take off your shoes.  Learn more about the Interlochen Stool in our shop.


Alden Table & The Jens Chair

Alden Table & Jens Chair

Jens Chair Photo by DWR

The Jens Chair is a classic design that’s become a staple in many mid century and danish modern homes.  It’s warm and inviting lines pair perfectly with the intersecting angles of our Alden Table.  Learn more about the Alden Table in our shop.


Pontiac Table & Nelson Cigar Table Lamp

Pontiac Table & Nelson Cigar Lamp

Table Lamp Photo by Modernica

George Nelson had a thing for clean and simple lamps that would go on to become icons.  His lamps are elegant, yet durable enough for everyday use, and they perfectly pair with our clean and classic Pontiac Table.  Learn more about the Pontiac Table in our shop.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon