How to Reinforce Your Upholstery When You Have a New Pet

by Nicole Hodsdon

How to Reinforce Your Upholstery When You Have a New Pet

Owning a pet can provide many benefits such as mental, emotional, and physical. Millions of people across the globe enjoy the ownership of a beloved fuzzy friend. Walking your dog, listening to your contented cat purr and enjoying the companionship of a pet adds a little light to your life. Pet-proofing your space can be exciting and fun. There are several things you might want to consider to protect your belongings and furniture as you step into pet ownership.


Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture by far can suffer the most damage from a pet. Beds, chairs, and couches are among the most popular upholstered items that your pet will want to sit or lie down on. If you don’t want your pet on your furniture, it is best to teach them early on. If you are allowing your pet on any furniture, there are some protective measures and fabrics to consider that can make them more pet-friendly and yet provide some protective measures on your items to help make them last.

Fabrics such as indoor-outdoor fabrics are great because many of them are waterproof, or consider pleather/leather, microfiber, or canvas. Canvas slipcovers a great idea because they can be easily removed and washed. Microfiber is easy to clean, and hair can be brushed or vacuumed off easily. If you aren’t looking for new furniture, try some of these ideas to protect what you already have.


Upholstery Applications

An easy way to help protect your furniture is to use an application such as Scotchgard. These usually come in a spray can, and can be applied to most upholstered furniture. You may want to test a small area to see if it changes the color of your fabric. It provides a type of stain repellent, and it can also help repel water or any other liquids. You simply spray it on your furniture and wait for it to dry. Make sure to read the label to see if your type of furniture can be covered and if it is pet-friendly.



Slipcovers are a stylish and convenient way to protect your furniture from pet damage. Slipcovers come in different styles and many colors to suit your taste. Some simply tuck in around the edges and cushions as a sheet would, and others are heavier duty and can be laid over the furniture and then fastened with ties it has attached to it. Many slipcovers can be purchased that are water and stain proof and in a variety of materials. They can be easily removed and washed for a quick cleaning.



Severe damage from bites or scratches to your upholstery can be fixed. You can take it to get the area reupholstered professionally, or you can do it yourself. There are many upholstery kits available online that can help you repair the area. Or, you can purchase patches that can be ironed on can be done for large fixes, and smaller holes can simply be sewn. If the damage is too obvious, a slipcover can help protect and prevent further damage.

Pets often don’t know the rules for furniture. If your items are damaged, your pet may suffer from separation anxiety while you’re gone. Try getting your pet its own soft bed, and keep their nails trimmed. Scotchgarding or covers are great ways to dissuade pets from chewing or scratching and can help protect your things while keeping your pet safe. You can also try toys to keep your pet occupied or gate off an area away from the furniture while you’re not home. Pets and furniture can coexist if training and some pre-planning are done.

A big thank you to Sarah Jones - the author of the Crazy Pet Guy blog for writing this post.  Sarah has had problems in the past with training her pets. But by understanding what they need, she learned how to train them and care for them better.  As dog lovers, we're big fans of Crazy Pet Guy.  If you love your pet, be sure to check it out!

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon