How to Get the Most Out of Your Ray Tablet Stand

by Nicole Hodsdon

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ray Tablet Stand

With all of the information and entertainment it provides, the iPad (and it's non-Apple counterparts) is just about a constant in our lives.  Here at Ciseal, we find ourselves using our tablets all over the house and office, and the Ray tablet stand is always a close companion.  We even find ourselves using the Ray with iPhones, books, and even art.  So, how can you get the most out of your Ray tablet stand?  Let us count the ways:

1. Trying new recipes at home is the best, and all of the cooking apps out there make it so easy to find a mouth watering new one and cook away.  The Ray makes it so easy to keep that recipe close at hand while you create deliciousness in the kitchen.

Ray iPad Stand recipe display Ciseal

2. We all have those recipes in cookbooks that we keep coming back to and cooking again and again.  Thankfully, the Ray perfectly holds old fashioned books too.

Ray tablet stand holding a cook book Ciseal

3. Speaking of books, why not display a cherished childhood story that you constantly revisit?  Or, display a photo or piece of art that you love.  We love setting up a photo album on an iPad to cycle through precious photos when the family gets together.

Ray tablet stand book display Ciseal

4. The Ray is a multi-tasker at bedtime - use it as a double charging station for both your iPad and iPhone.  Better yet, the Ray is designed to amplify sound from those teeny tiny speakers so you can be immersed in your favorite soothing bedtime tunes.

Ray iPad iPhone charging station Ciseal

5. We're all multi-taskers to a certain extent - how can you not be with your web browser, notes, apps, docs, sheets, photos, etc.  The Ray perfectly holds your iPad as a second display for your computer, so you don't ever have to minimize a thing.

Ray iPad stand second monitor Ciseal

6. Don't have your computer with you?  Use your Ray to pull up your favorite inspiration photos to get the ideas flowing.

Ray tablet stand sketching partner Ciseal

7. Many days, the best part is when you can put everything aside and just relax.  We love to sit back and let our minds wander inside a movie, and all we need is an iPad, a Ray, and some popcorn!

Ray iPad stand watching a movie Ciseal

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon