How to Care for Your Bent Ply Furniture

by Nicole Hodsdon

How to Care for Your Bent Ply Furniture

Bent plywood furniture is beautiful (if we must say so ourselves), and with just a little effort your cherished, hand-crafted piece can stay gorgeous for generations to come.  Here are a few tips for maintaining your bent ply treasures:

1. Any dust or even light spills can be wiped away with a soft cloth like microfiber or a slightly damp soft rag.

Wipe Clean Ciseal

2. Protect the wood surface from hard objects such as glasses or plates (or vintage cameras) which might cause scratches in the veneer.  Coasters, cork pads, napkins and tablecloths work well.

Protect Veneer Ciseal

3. We use a highly durable finish, but nicks, scratches, and even dents are a part of life.  We know it sucks to have that perfect surface marred by an imperfection, but try to see it as a life well-lived.  Character comes from the imperfections in life and in furniture!

Bent Plywood Character Ciseal

4. Avoid Moisture - especially on the ends where the layers are exposed.  The most frequent cause of de-lamitation of plywood is when it’s allowed to sit in water long enough for the water to seep into the layers.  Once water is inside the layers it’s only a matter of time before natural contraction and expansion starts to break them apart.

delaminated bent ply ciseal

And it's that easy!  With just a little effort, you can keep your bent ply piece looking great for years to come.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon