Four Mid Mod Patio Essentials for Summer

by Nicole Hodsdon

Four Mid Mod Patio Essentials for Summer

Photo by Native Son Design Studio

We’re finally getting some warmer weather here in Michigan, and it’s about time!  With our first heat wave in full swing, my thoughts naturally turn to lazy summer afternoons spent lounging on the deck: A book in one hand and a frosty beverage in the other, the dogs are sunning themselves and quietly watching the ducks swim on the lake.  Not a care in the world, right?  Well, before the deck or patio can be enjoyed to it’s full potential it’ll probably need some sprucing up.  Lets grab some sangria and look at four ideas to create the perfect mid mod patio for summer relaxing.


Soak Up the Sun

Summer can seem like a distant memory when it’s 8 degrees outside in January, so a spot for chilling in the sun is essential.  To create your sun worshiping space, find a comfy lounge chair and pick a spot that gets plenty of sun.  A location that has a nice view of your perfectly manicured garden is ideal, but for those of us without a green thumb, add a small table to hold a couple of magazines and a margarita.

Photo by Lambright Design Group - More midcentury patio ideas

Comfort and Conversation

Deck parties are the best part of summer, but it’s kinda awkward if everyone’s standing around with nowhere to sit, right?  Find yourself a comfy outdoor sofa or chaise to anchor your conversation area and round out the seating with some colorful MidCentury patio chairs.  Add an outdoor coffee table in the middle to collect your drinks and proceed with the party!

Photo by Margot Hartford Photography - More midcentury patio photos

The Perfect Entertaining Table

The nights are looooong in the summer, and deck parties require barbecue, so get yourself a decent outdoor dining table.  Your friends will thank you when they don’t have to eat their delicious potato salad on the same level as your dog.  For a dining table that will go the distance until the sun sets and beyond, go for something lightweight so it’s easy to move around the patio.  And remember it’s living outside and will get skuzzy, so maybe find one that’s easy to hose off.  

Photo by Gary Hutton Design - Look for midcentury patio pictures

Hearty Summer-Loving Plants

If you’re someone who can manage to keep flowers alive throughout the summer, I salute you.  For the rest of us, succulents are a perfect way to bring some life to your patio.  They’re perfectly Mid Mod too with their bright colors and angular shapes.  Mix a few varieties together in a bigger pot or two or space some smaller pots around your deck to add some texture and interest.  And you don’t need to worry about watering them (well, on occasion, but they’ll be fine if you forget, I promise).

Photo by Blu Design Group - Discover midcentury patio design ideas

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon