An Eichler Love Story

by Nicole Hodsdon

An Eichler Love Story

Photo by building Lab, inc.

When I first heard about Monique Lombardelli (check out her website - it's gorgeous) and her mission to save mid century homes I was like, it's about time!  For years my heart has broken for all of the unappreciated mid century modern homes we've lost to the wrecking ball to make way for brand new pseudo craftsman McMansions.  I wondered why home buyers and especially real estate agents couldn't see just how special mid century homes are.  Sure, many today need some updating - all homes do after 40 or 50 years, but there was no one really sharing the possibilities of what life in these homes could be like.  

What's great about what Monique is doing is that she's showcasing the lifestyle that a mid century home and neighborhood can bring.  The perfect example of her work is the film People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler.  When I first saw it I was transfixed through the entire video.  It's exactly the love story for mid century homes that we needed so that we can perhaps save a few more of these fabulous homes from being torn down.  She focuses mainly on the Eichler neighborhoods around San Francisco, but the same appreciation can be applied to many of the mid century gems across the country.  These homes are not just for the kitchy, mod squad, retro aficionados around us either - it's a modern, bright, open, refined, nature-loving, community-oriented lifestyle in which we can all find something to appreciate.

Eichler Exterior

Photo: building Lab, inc.


The one quintessential element I love about mid century modern or Eichler style homes is the post-and-beam construction which allows for walls of glass which in turn bring a strong indoor/outdoor connection.  That simpler, care-free indoor/outdoor lifestyle is sought after now more than ever.  Open floor plans and elegant, simple, refined architecture draw you from the inside to the outside, making it easy to appreciate the calm of nature.  In the Glass Houses video, many Eichler homeowners comment about how peaceful and calming their homes are.  Some day, when the time is right, I can't wait to live in a lovely mid century modern home of my own.

For more mid century eye candy, check out Monique's YouTube channel.  

Eichler Courtyard
Photo by Klopf Architecture

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon