8 Mid Century Modern Inspired Home Decor Items We're Loving Right Now

by Nicole Hodsdon

8 Mid Century Modern Inspired Home Decor Items We're Loving Right Now

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Mid Century Modern decor.  The clean lines, pops of bold color, and natural materials make my heart flutter a bit at each glance.  Each product I design is majorly influenced by the vintage Mid Century decor of the 50’s and 60’s.  But I’m not the only one.  There are countless others right here in America who are inspired by the mid mod classics to design and make their own take on modern decor today.   

That’s why I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite Mid Century Modern inspired home decor items designed and made by hand right here in the USA.

Modern Cork Planters by Melanie Abrantes

These hand-turned cork planters were inspired by vintage planters from the 1960’s.  They’re naturally porous, so they keep plants at the perfect moisture level.  Melanie makes them available in three sizes for all sizes of houseplants.  Take a look at Melanie Abrantes’ online shop.

Perpetual Calendar by Tait Design
Tait Perpetual Calendar

Tait Design’s hanging wall calendar is designed to be used year after year.  It’s design is inspired by vintage volvelles.  The three circles move to mark the day, date and month - perfect for the home or office.  Find out more at Tait Design’s online shop.

Walnut Serving Trays by Hunt & Noyer
Hunt and Noyer Serving Trays

Fellow Michigan-based designer Kyle Huntoon makes these handsome trays in three sizes for any use you can think of.  The small tray is a perfect desk caddy to keep all of your small items in one tidy place.  The medium tray holds all of those important pieces of mail or paper together and neatly stacked.  And the largest size is made for entertaining - like carrying drink and apps and such.  Check them out at Hunt & Noyer’s website.

SQR Box + Sliced Lid by IN.SEK Design

IN.SEK Design specializes in combining natural concrete and wood in clean shapes that complement any mid century modernist’s decor.  Their bowls, trays, hooks, and planters are to die for, but I’m particularly smitten about their gorgeous boxes.  Each one is a unique design that holds your prized possessions safely and beautifully.  Check them out at IN.SEK’s online shop.

Rope Box by Light + Ladder
Light and Ladder Rope Box

Light + Ladder’s Rope Box in Walnut hangs from any wall where you want some decorative storage.  Hang it next to your front door to store your keys, wallet, or phone while keeping them out of sight.  Find out more at Light + Ladder’s online shop.

Modern Birdhouse by KoolBird
Koolbird Birdhouse

So maybe a birdhouse isn't your typical home decor item, but hear me out.  KoolBird’s bird houses are modern takes on mid century shapes.  Imagine hanging one of these in a child'd bedroom or anywhere that might want a bit of lighthearted whimsy.  Find out more at KoolBird’s online shop.

Aspen Magazine Rack by Ciseal
Aspen Magazine Rack by Ciseal

I’d be a bit remiss to not include my most favorite home decor item of all time - The Aspen Magazine Rack.  But seriously, this gorgeously modern piece brings a bit of nature-inspired beauty indoors and onto your coffee table or desk.  It’s a clean, minimal way to corral magazines, newspapers, mail, documents, or your favorite trinkets and treasures.  Check them out in Ciseal’s online shop.

It was tough narrowing it down to eight!  These are just a small sample of the mid century inspired home goods that are being made in the USA right now.  Whether it’s these talented designer/makers or ones closer to your home, please support your local small businesses!

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon