5 Tips to Make Your Small Space Live Larger

by Nicole Hodsdon

5 Tips to Make Your Small Space Live Larger

It seems like wide open floor plans are everywhere you look these days.  They’re perfect for entertaining and keeping an eye on the family, right?  But what about those of us who can’t simply take a sledgehammer to our walls and create a wide open spacious living space?  Never fear - landlords, structure, and budget issues don’t have to get you down about your small enclosed rooms any longer.  Here are 5 tips to make your small space feel grand.


A Bold Focal Point

In a small space you’re working with a clearly defined limit - the walls.  Everything within those walls will naturally compete for attention with each other.  One way to make the small space feel more expansive, interesting, and dynamic is to create a bold focal point.  Your focal point could be an architectural feature like a fireplace or picture window or you could create one with a bold, bright couch.  Once you have your one focal point, resist the urge to add any more bold pieces to your small space.  They will only create a dissonance that will make the space feel even more enclosed.


Furniture That Fits

Today more than ever there is so many furniture options available for small spaces.  Sometimes referred to as apartment-sized furniture, these couches and chairs are just as stylish and comfortable as their bigger brothers, but sized just a bit smaller so they don’t overwhelm smaller rooms.  


Cut the Clutter

Small space veterans know to keep the knick knacks to a minimum to minimize the visual clutter, but lets take it a step further - what else can you remove?  In a small dining area, backless stools or a bench instead of dining chairs will help the space feel more open.  Smaller living rooms can be both clear of clutter and the life of the party if you’re doing it right.  Folding chairs and stools that can be packed away when the party’s over are a small entertaining space’s lifeblood.  By the way, if you’re looking for some fabulous stools for dining or packing away, be sure to check out our Tahquamenon and Interlochen stools.  They’re so choice.


Have Some Fun

I know I said earlier to keep the focal points to one, but that doesn’t mean your tiny space can’t have any more fun.  Subtlety is definitely key, but adding interesting details in the form of wall art, throw pillows, blankets or a dynamic rug make the space more playful and distract from the room’s smaller size.


Accessorize with Glass

Glass is a small space’s best friend.  Windows and glass doors open to the expanse of nature outside and create the illusion of a larger space inside.  In the absence of huge windows or doors, even adding glass art pieces will help open up a small space.  Because light passes through glass, these pieces won’t add as much visual weight as other objects in the room.

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon