3 Tips for Styling Your Nightstand

by Nicole Hodsdon

3 Tips for Styling Your Nightstand

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A nightstand’s look can make the difference between a calm, quiet reprieve and an anxious, restless sleep.  The things you put on it, under it, or next to it are all up to you and the mood you’re hoping to achieve.  But how do you create an oasis of a bedside table?  There are countless ways to style this small space, but with three simple rules you can easily create a special respite for winding down after a long day.

1. Keep it Simple

Restraint is key - too many things will look cluttered and hardly create a restful atmosphere.  But what are the essentials?  A lamp is priority in this space (our Michigan Left Lamp is a great choice).  Nobody wants to get up from a warm bed after reading a bit to turn off the light.  Books can also be important here, and giving yourself a few options depending on your mood will help you wind down after a busy day.  Having trouble narrowing it down?  A nightstand with a drawer could be your saving grace.  Depending on how much space you have left, choose one or two more things to round it out.  It could be some art - either on the wall behind your nightstand or a small piece on the table itself, a plant or cut flowers to freshen the air, a candle to set the mood, a special keepsake to bring a smile to your face, or an elegant glass of water will create a cohesive look.

Better Home and Garden Nightstand

(Better Home & Garden)

2. Respect the Scale

That ginormous antique lamp from your grandmother is probably not the best choice here and neither is that overflowing Christmas cactus you just can’t seem to tame.  Smaller spaces might benefit from wall-mounted lamps - leaving the table itself clear for the other essentials.  Smaller photos or artwork are good choices on nightstands and draw the eye to something more detailed and special.

Yesterdays Sweetheart Nightstand

(Yesterday's Sweetheart)

3. Mix it Up  

You don’t have keep the same 3 things on your nightstand forever and ever.  Play with the things until you love it and then mix it up again.  Switching things out every so often keeps the look fresh and interesting and allows you to be a bit more non-committal about what makes the cut in this valuable space.  Fresh cut flowers in the spring or a smattering of succulents in the winter are great change-ups.  Have a multitude of knick-knacks?  Rotate them out every so often.  This rule is where the fun is at because you can switch and tweak at will.

Domaine Home Nightstand

(Domaine Home)

It really is that easy!  Keep it simple, respect the scale, and mix it up.  Try it out and see how much more restful (or exciting) your nights can be!

Are you looking for a fabulous lamp to set the mood?  Check out our Michigan Left Table Lamp.  It’s my current bedside lamp, and its soft, warm glow is just the restful touch for a calming bedtime routine.

Ciseal Michigan Left Table Lamp

Nicole Hodsdon
Nicole Hodsdon